Wisdom Teeth Extraction (Ages 14 Through 17)

Aspen Clinical Research is conducting a clinical research study of an investigational pain medication that will be administered after wisdom teeth removal. There is no placebo being used in this study which means that all study participants will receive the investigational pain medication.

Participants that are selected for the study will receive wisdom teeth removal surgery, study-related medical care, surgery pain medication, and will also be compensated up to $388 for time and travel.

Basic Qualifications:

  • Male or Female
  • Ages 14 through17 Years
  • Have at least one impacted wisdom tooth – (Hasn’t broken through the gum)

If You Qualify, You Will Receive:

  • No Cost Wisdom Teeth Extraction
  • Compensation for Time and Travel Related to the Study
  • Study Related Care at No Cost
  • Wisdom Teeth Extraction by a Qualified Oral Surgeon

Your child’s first visit to the research clinic will be a screening visit. During this visit, he/she will meet with a study coordinator to fully review study details. If he/she decides to participate, a more in-depth assessment of his/her health will take place to determine final eligibility. If he/she is eligible and chooses to enroll, he/she will be required to return to our research clinic at various times for treatment and follow-up visits.

Space in the study is limited. Health insurance is not required.

Please complete the form below to see if your child pre-qualifies for the study.

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