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We are committed to being a resource for our study volunteers to contribute to advances in medicine by offering diversified clinical trials.  As a volunteer in a clinical research study, you will have the opportunity to contribute to advances in medicine that will benefit current and future generations. Everyone is welcome to see if they qualify for a current or future research study.  No medical insurance or payments are necessary to participate in any of our trials.  Compensation for time and travel is available for the majority of our studies.

Clinical Research Expertise

We have an average tenure of 18 years clinical research experience.  Our team of physician investigators and clinical research professionals value all of our volunteers and are committed to Safety, Integrity and Diversified Therapeutic specialties.


Clinical Partnerships are where everything comes together.  Healthcare providers, researchers and our communities join forces to serve and be served through strategic partnerships that create a more supported healthcare system.  We value our partnerships that are dedicated in promoting the advancement of research.


Utah Chapter

Utah Chapter


1215 S. 1680 West, Orem, Ut 84058

Tel: (801) 356-5555

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