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Infant Formula Study

Infant Formula Study

The purpose of this study is to evaluate growth and tolerance of healthy term infants being fed exclusively breast-milk or exclusively infant formula.  Formula fed infants will either start an experimental milk-based formula with human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs)  or a control milk-based formula without HMOs .  These groups will be compared to each other and a human milk fed group.

HMOs are carbohydrates that are naturally found in human breast milk that help protect babies against infections.  The experimental formula contains man-made oligosaccharides that are similar to those found in human breast milk.  Although some HMOs are new to infant formula, they are not new to the infant diet.


If you have a full term, healthy newborn who is 0-14 days of age that are being fed exclusively formula or exclusively human milk, you may be eligible to participate.