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Clinical Lab Coordinator
Job Description

Salary Grade:              18 = ($14.00 to $17.00 per hour)


Primary Objective(s): 


The Clinical Lab Coordinator (CLC) is the primary lab staff that coordinates with the Clinical Research Coordinator who is the core team leader for specially assigned studies.  The Lab assistant performs many of the same duties and tasks as the Lab Coordinator but will not directly communicate with the sponsoring drug company.  This communication will go through the CLC and on up the chain of command within the organization.


Essential Job Functions:        


  • Is responsible for facilitating all laboratory duties and activities to ensure regulatory and legal compliance.

  • Is responsible for all lab duties including collecting, receiving, processing, packaging, and shipping of laboratory samples.

  • Is responsible for receiving, processing, and facilitating doctor signatures on the lab results.

  • Is responsible for filing laboratory results in study patient charts.

  • Is responsible for resolving, documenting, and resolving study source and EDC queries.

  • Is responsible monitoring, ordering, and maintaining clinical lab supplies.

  • Assists the study team by performing pre-screening visits by collecting procedural consent, medical history, medication history, venipuncture, and HIPAA medical release on potential study subjects.

  • Assist the study team on an as needed basis by collecting and documenting prior and concomitant medical history.

  • Assist the study team on an as-needed basis by collecting documenting height, weight, and BMI.

  • Assist the study team with perform admissions and discharges from the research facility.

  • Assist the study team with facilitating study specific monitoring visits.

  • Assist with documenting and ensuring study subjects are scheduled and seen within the protocol allowed windows.

  • Must obtain and maintain basic life support and AED certification.

  • Assist with and perform other tasks as assigned.

  • Begin preparing for becoming a Clinical Laboratory Coordinator




Knowledge, Education, and Experience:        

  • High School Diploma or GED; and

  • Medical Assistant, and/or LPN, and/or RN; or

  • AS, AAS, BS, BA in a related allied health field; and

  • Currently hold or eligible to obtain and maintain BLS certification; and

  • Currently hold a phlebotomy certification or have at least 1-year of phlebotomy training


Skills and Abilities:     

  • Excellent communication skills (interpersonal, written, verbal)

  • Strong attention to detail

  • Excellent time management skills

  • Computer skills required or learned

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