Alzheimer’s – Treatment of Agitation

Aspen Clinical Research is currently taking part in a clinical research study of an investigational medication for adults ages 65 through 90 who are experiencing agitation due to Alzheimer’s Disease.

The primary objective of this study is to assess the effectiveness and safety of the investigational medication for the treatment of agitation in subjects with Alzheimer’s.

The patient’s first visit to the research clinic will be a screening visit. During this visit the patient will meet with a study coordinator to fully review study details. If the¬†caregiver and patient decide to participate, a more in-depth assessment of the patient’s health will take place to determine final eligibility. If the patient is eligible and the choice is made to enroll, the patient will be required to return to our research clinic at various times for treatment and follow-up visits.

Space in the study is limited. Health insurance is not required. All clinical visits, medications, and physical exams are provided to you at no cost. You may be compensated for the time and travel involved for this study.

Please complete the form below to see if the patient pre-qualifies for the study. All information you provide to Aspen Clinical Research will remain strictly confidential.

Disclaimer: Not all individuals will qualify for this study. An in-depth study and medical evaluation must be completed in person in order to qualify for the study.


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