NuSkin Cognitive Supplement


Aspen Clinical Research has partnered with Nu Skin international to investigate a new software program’s ability to measure cognitive ability when taking a nutritional supplement.

This clinical study is a 98-day clinical research study where you will be supplied with a nutritional product or inactive product (i.e. placebo) and complete a voice recognition diary as well as computerized exercises at specified times throughout the week.

In order to participate in this study, each person will go through a screening process to determine if he or she can participate.

Space in the study is limited to 100 participants. Health insurance is not required. All study-related visits, tests, and study supplement will be provided to participants at no cost. In addition, reimbursement for study-related time and travel may be provided.

Please complete the form below to see if you pre-qualify for the study.

Disclaimer: Not all individuals that complete the on-line questionnaire will qualify for the study. An in-depth study and medical evaluation must be completed in person in order to qualify for the study.


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